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Herd Classification:
41 EX - 37 VG - 9 GP
1993 to 2015
Herd Recognitions
 10    All-Canadian Nominations
2  Réserve All-Canadian
44 Exhibitor Banners
16  Breeder Banners
36 Grand Champions
36 Res. Grand Champions
58 EX Cows with Lolisee prefix
  100 EX Cows

Lolisee's Wall of Champions 
Lifetime Production Awards Received:
  • 110 000 kg..........2
  • 100 000 kg..........5
  •  90 000 kg..........7
  • 80 000 kg..........20
  • 70 000 kg..........35
  • 60 000 kg..........50

A Few of Our Top Producers:

Lolisee Juror Poppy GP 84 2 y

2-00 16 551 kg  3.6%f 3.4%p  337-325-357

3-10 17 451 kg  3.6%f 3.3%p  326-312-333

Lolisee Broker Debby GP 81 2y

2-07 14 715 kg  3.9%f 3.3%p  297-308-302

5-00 21 046 kg  3.9%f 3.2%p  365-375-365

Lolisee Lindy Sophie VG

5-10 16 944 kg  3.6%f 3.3%p  294-278-301

  Herd Objectives
Our goal is to work with the type of cow that Canada has become famous for creating, and to have 50 cows from 50 different cow families (more choice for buyers, while avoiding hereditary problems)
We feed our herd a lot of fibre: round bales of dry hay, silage (wrapped round bales), and commercial meal. We utilize our pastures to a maximum degree (from May through November). Michel trims the cows hind hooves 4 X / year, and the front hooves once a year, all of this is done to encourage longevity and to develop and preserve the cows' conformation. We like cows that are very dairy and give lots of milk, but not to the point that it deters their conformation.
We enjoy working with well balanced cows that don't have any major faults, with exceptional udders, style, and symmetry, well put together from head to tail - this type of cow progressively evolves and eventually obtains the highest scores in classification, or high honours at the shows.
We enjoy working with deep pedigreed cows, or cows with the presence of sires in their pedigree that have made their mark on the holstein race, like: Sheik, Mattador, Warden, Starbuck, Chiefmark, Skychief, Broker, Astre, Prelude, Rudolf.
We are continually in search of, and we use sires that are able to produce these well balanced cows with exceptional udders, like: Golwyn et dundee, etc
Sires we've previously used: goldwyn , doorman ,atwood , beemer , dempsey ,etc
Red Factor Bulls we've used: Barbwire,Aramani,Lotus,Ladd
Bulls that have made an impression on our herd: Astre, Broker, Skychief, James, Linjet,Goldwyn     

Host of 2005 Holstein Québec Pic-Nic


 2005 Holstein Québec Pic-Nic Poster

Michel & Bee during the Herd presentation at Pic-Nic

Michel, Official Judge

Michel (far right) judges the breitlingshop.uk Quebec International show, november 8 2008
2007 – Judged the RendezVous R&W
2006 – Judged the Victoriaville Show
2006 – Judged the St-Hyacinthe Show

2005 – Judged the  Quebec Show
2005 – Judged the Confrontation de l’Est
Michel Worldwide judge 
Michel in Switzerland expo Jr Bulle, 2009

2007 – Judged "La Nuit de la Holstein", Belgium
2005 – Judged the Farming Tours, France
2004 – Judged "L’École des Jeunes",  Belgique
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